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xD Hi Let the Empty xD Hi Let the

Post by Casply on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:04 pm

What is your reason to join Bliss? My motive is to demonstrate that want to be a Bliss.
What do you expect from Bliss? I very much hope to grow and stay there.
What qualities make you special from others? Be who I am.
Make a friend or a few friends in Bliss. Get to know them, and please state his/her/their names: Ao1, DeadlyAf, etc.

What does loyalty mean to you? It means trust each other.
What is your favorite/best map? Tower, Werehouse.
What is your worst map? None.
What is your favorite weapon? Mp5.
What clans have you been in? Why did you leave all of your previous clans?[size=14]I was united ended up leaving because I think it's time to rebuild.

Did you have any previous account? If so, please state them. Not.
Where are you from? Canadá.
Do you have RaidCall? Not.
Do you Like Unicorns? Yeah c:
*Optional* What is your age? 16.
*Optional* 1 being friendly/attitude to 9 being competitive/serious, where do you stand.


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xD Hi Let the Empty Re: xD Hi Let the

Post by MrFrizzy on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:49 am

You Unloyal You USAF member haha


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