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Post by Kinney on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:13 pm

1.) What is your Name & Nplay link? Forum Kinney game: xKinney
2.) What is your Facebook profile name? Tade Caffieri
3.) Why do you want to join Bliss? Because I saw something in the other clans there is fidelity and not just that seek to separate or clan members vallan
4) Why do you Feel That We Should you accept into Bliss? Because I play good or acceptable and like me a chance
5.) What qualities make you special from others? Active-True-I speak English and Spanish as well Ingles- not Maduro
6.) List a few people That You May Already Know & played with: Manchester
7.) What does loyalty mean to you? Loyalty: I would define it in a way with respect to the game so that a member of a clan or team must be faithful to his team not to leave
8.) What is your favorite & best map? Warehouse
9.) What is your worst map? Pipeline
10.) What is your favorite weapon? MP5
11.) What is your clan history? And why did you leave all of your previous clans? GLX-RB-ELITE-USSR-GLA, there are many reasons why one leaves a clan in my case sometimes inactivity clan and other ill-treatment by discursiones, for lack of knowledge (language) was Turkish (USSR) which was difficult to be, and the last GLA by my partial retirement and now turned begone!
12.) * Optional * 1 Being friendly / Being competitive attitude to 9 / serious, where do you stand?
13.) Where are you from? Argentina Buenos Aires
14.): Do you have RaidCall? I do not have the network
15.) * Optional * What is your age? 14
16.) Do you like fruitcakes or unicorns? Unicorns: v

Thank you for the opportunity...


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