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Bliss Application Empty Bliss Application

Post by Silbaştan on Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:50 am

1.) What is your name, and gaming or forum link?; http://begonebrotherhood.forumotion.com/u7711
2.) Why do you want to join Bliss? The people I admire and people I care about in Bliss
3.) Why do you feel that we should accept you into Bliss? I think  I'm happy , I'm excited.
4.) What qualities make you special from others? Love, Loyalty and commitment
5.) List a few people that you may already know & played with? Ao1,Reco,Electri,Deadly,acky,326,TakaGO,Napal,Clapper,Chrome,Tito
6.) What does loyalty mean to you? Devotion strong, solid friendship ,Sincere and strong bonds of friendship founded on honesty and integrity
7.) What is your favorite & best map? Tower,Ware
8.) What is your worst map? Courty
9.) What is your favorite weapon? Mp5
10.) What is your clan history And why did you leave all of your previous clans? Kotn,Street,BtL; I left to get some new experiences
11.) *Optional* 1 being friendly/attitude to 9 being competitive/serious, where do you stand? Friendly.
12.) Where are you from? Turkey
13.)  Do you have RaidCall? Yes.
14.) What is your age? 17
15.) Do you like fruitcakes or unicorns? Fruitcakes
16.) Now post something very entertaining - A joke, quote, or a cool photo? Anything that makes you different to make your acceptance into the clan higher.
– Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.


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