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hello bros

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hello bros Empty hello bros

Post by wizz on Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:32 pm

Hi wanted to know if I can join bliss to see if I peudo be applicant


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hello bros Empty Re: hello bros

Post by Mandos on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:59 am

[size=16]NPLAY NAME AND LINK: Mandos
What is your reason to join Bliss?:Good clan  

What do you expect from Bliss?:clan war and 'll stay loyal  I managed
What qualities make you special from others?:I want to stand by their side in very nice

Make a friend or a few friends in Bliss. Get to know them, and please state his/her/their names:iNexo,NBN,Ao1,RecoılLzzz

What does loyalty mean to you? :safe and honest :)

What is your favorite/best map?Tower ware court tımber crane

What is your worst map?:pipeline

What is your favorite weapon?: MP5, and m4a1

What clans have you been in? Why did you leave all of your previous clans? : No clan

Where are you from?:I'm From england

Do you have RaidCall?Yes 

Do you Like Unicorns?:Nope na
*Optional* What is your age?: 18

*Optional* 1 being friendly/attitude to 9 being competitive/serious, where do you stand.:friendly group and ability

 Thanks Everyone
Mandos Good days :) :)


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